How I Fixed My Leaking Toilet

My journey of exceedingly annoying inconvenience that began two weeks ago finally came to a resolution after a successful search for plumbers Albany. Surprisingly, enlisting a plumber to come to my home and fix my leaking toilet wasn't as complicated an ordeal as I originally anticipated. You see, I moved out to Auckland just one year ago as a young, inexperienced American ex-patriot with no prior knowledge on how to employ traditional handy-men. Enter the Internet in 2018, allowing my anxiety-filled journey to come to a swift close. I didn't realize just how easy it was to find someone willing to fix such an embarrassing and revolting complication. Fortunately, after a quick search on Google, I stumbled across Eagle Plumbing, located in Albany. A quick phone call with an employee calmed my nerves about being embarrassed -- eventually, this happens to everyone!

In my case, the cause of my toilet's leakage involved the flap. Specifically, the flapper was unsuccessful in forming a tight enough seal. I'm unsure as to how that could be. The handyman told me the most likely cause was that the toilet in my rental home was just too old to function correctly and wasn't maintained properly. I found this personally disconcerting as I was assured by my landlord that all appliances and amenities had been well taken care of by previous tenants. However, I wasn't too upset. The bill came out to be precisely what I was quoted when I first called. A small price to pay to not have toilet water all over my bathroom floor.

Once my flapper was replaced I was finally able to once again enjoy my toilet. You see, I had been forced to use my roommate's toilet for the past week. The moral of the story: don't wait to fix something so unpalatable, regardless of potential humiliation. Handymen only care about providing a professional service.